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Trovema Technologies Inc. offers innovative and efficient solutions to meet of all your needs for dynamic and interactive Web applications leaning on databases.
Whether it is an access via the Internet, your Intranet or an Extranet, a simple or a multi-platforms application; we are "There for you!".

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Commercial Web showcase;
  • Business administration;
  • Sales and management of sales;
  • Web store;
  • Secure e-commerce, transactional sites;
  • Multi-roles of the users and personalized dashboards;
  • Business intelligence *;
  • SQL Databases;
  • Integration of the systems and the APIs;
  • Dedicated and custom-made Web applications;
  • Data analysis and personalized reports.

Our strength: the wide capacity of listening and understanding of our team regarding your real needs, allows us to create efficient and friendly solutions adapted to your team's working context.

* Business intelligence: Systems which combine the technologies of database, warehousing of data, exploitation of data; all this being supported by functions that help the decision-making process.


  • Design, development and support of dynamic, personalized Web shop showcases and multi-languages;
  • Design, development and support of Web applications created for you, but diverted from our own library of functions, so reducing the costs, the importance of the tests and the term of realization. When it is a question of setting up solutions associating databases and dedicated Web functions, be assured that Trovema Technologies holds the expertise to do in-depth analysis of the architecture of the system to be set up; which goes beyond the standard so that your application remains flexible and fast in spite of the increasing number of functions and users who will be added in time.
    We create:
    • Sites tailored for the recorded users, the members, the subscribers, the partners, etc.;
    • Modern search tools that are personalized to your needs for more efficiency;
    • Solutions of collaboration between common roles and specific roles; whether it is for the Internet, the Intranet or the Extranet;
    • Management systems of the affairs and the administration, the automatic management of the processes of your company and more still;
    • Transactional solutions;
    • Interfaces of communication between your information systems and the Web application;
    • Solutions which become integrated into your existing systems;
    • Solutions of analysis and personalized reports;
    • Personalized dashboards and appropriate to the diverse roles.
  • Your database driven web application with data will be a powerful and versatile tool that will facilitate information and work sharing between your employees with content in perpetual change. Your employees can work from anywhere on the planet by connecting to your Web application by means of their favorite Web browser, on the material platform of their choice, without the need to add software.
  • Creation of a solid software is much more than coding! That is why our process of development also includes, measured according to your needs, the following activities:
    • The architectural analysis of the system and the elaboration of a strategy of sustainable development; a deployment strategy; a healthy planning of the required functions and a planning of the budget;
    • A design with the user in mind;
    • Tests for the normal use and critical limit;
    • Documentation and training material appropriate to your processes and to the diverse users (French, English).
  • Trovema Technologies Inc. help his customers to improve their productivity by using diverse technologies and platforms. The integration of the systems allows to incorporate components coming from third parties which improves the user's experience.

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  • Business strategy:
    1. Understand your company:
      • What are your objectives?
      • Who is your audience?
      • What is the best way of serving your audience and to meet your objectives?
    2. 2. Define the contents and the functional required:
      • Identify the special functions, the dynamic elements, the sensitive elements;
      • Develop forms, interactivity, processes, communication of the data;
      • Define the search tool.
    3. Prepare a development plan, a test plan and a deployment plan for the deliverables;
    4. Manage the project on the technical and financial plans;
    5. Offer a follow-up according to deployment.

    The different stages of the project are:
    1. Customer meeting:
      • Listening of the customer's request;
      • Understanding of the internal roles and the processes;
      • Method of communications between internal and external teams;
      • Report of the meeting.
    2. Requirements analysis:
      • Elaboration of the requirements;
      • Review of the requirements with customer;
      • Refinement of the requirements;
      • Acceptance of the requirements by customer;
      • Development plan, schedule of the deliverables.
    3. Design:
      • Conceptualisation of the functions and the data flow;
      • Architectural and technical design;
      • Functional design;
      • Visual design:
        • Initial visual concepts;
        • Review of the concepts;
        • Refinement;
        • Diverse iterations until getting the approval.
    4. Development (coding, logical tests):
      • Coding and review of the prototype;
      • Refinement of the prototype;
      • Development of the interactive elements and all the forms;
      • Build the database;
      • Populate the contents: pages, database, and help tool.
      • Design review and refinement iterations;
      • Quality control and functional testing.
    5. Deployment:
      • Install the application on the Web servers of production;
      • Make and run of all the tests required for: quality assurance, performance and endurance;
      • Deployment of the site.
    6. Follow-up:
      • With the different types of users;
      • Improvements;
      • Addition of content.


Trovema Technologies' team leans on his two founders and their networks of respective contacts. In the course of the projects, employees and strategic partners are added to the basic team, people who count each a specific and precious expertise which few bodies can group under the same roof.

Serge Ballard, vice-president in the operations:

Over 35 years of experience in design of products combining electronic material, embedded software, mechanical and industrial design. More than 25 years of experience in business administration, business development, project management. Expert in quality assurance (internal/external audit ISO).

Our main partners are:

Natrix Technologies
Bez Média
NB Automation
Créations Touché
Jean-Marc Ranger, consultant

Robert Ballard, vice-president to the technologies:

Over 20 years of experience in Web design and programming, design of SQL databases applications, ColdFusion specialist.

Our software expertise includes:

ColdFusion - JavaScript - PHP - HTML5 - CSS - C++ - Ajax - ASP - SQL
and many more.

Some achievements

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, whether it is by telephone or by electronic mail. No matter the scale of your project, our team is "There for you!".

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